First day of my night shift

This Is The Beginning.

As all of you know I am in working at EXL services from last one month where working hours are 24*6. So from today I will be in night shift.

What It Means

    • It means my eyes will be open from 23:00 to 08:00 hrs.
    • It means the boy who is sleeping in night from last 25 years will not get a second to sleep, if he sleeps and caught by cctv then he has to pay 500 bucks from his pocket.
    • Means I will get more time to interact with people and do my daily activities like gyming, surfing and talking freely to my dear ones.

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From last two days and night I am just thinking of it. i am very exited and eager to face it. And to keep me safe I slept few extra hours in a day. So buddies & boys wish me your luck to perform well in coming nights. I require your suggestions.

“Raat ke hamsafar”, ab kidhar ko chale.…



I think love is the most lovely thing we have in our life, whatever the form it is in. I love the people who love nature and its creatures.  love is the best part of  human being. I love my love very much.

I always wish for all the lovely peoples.

Hello world!

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